Our Purpose

The goal of the National Chapter is to generate an increased level of enthusiasm for riding motorcycles and contribute and promote positive charities, while building and creating camaraderie with other motorcycle clubs and enthusiast.  Funds raised by this Club will be for charitable purposes, and the distribution of funds will be to organizations that qualify as exempt organizations under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or corresponding section of any future federal tax code.

The Club is independent and not affiliated or sponsored by any motorcycle manufacturer or law enforcement agency.

The National Chapter brings together a select group of Club members who have leadership skills, are dedicated and continue to promote the Club in a positive manner.

The symbolism of skully!

The meaning of our beloved patch design incorporates the following reflections:


Wings: Signify the FREEDOM, the FREEDOM we get from riding Motorcycles!

Badge: Signifies that we are a Law Enforcement Club and everything that implies, Honor, Duty and Service!

Blue Line on the Hat Band: Never forgetting those in LAW ENFORCEMENT that have blazed the path before us and have died in the LINE OF DUTY, we honor their memory by representing ourselves in a dignified and respectful manner!

Pistols: Represent the tools of the TRADE!

Finally for new members, please understand what these symbols represent to us all, wear “SKULLY” with the pride that those whom have come before you have exhibited and do nothing to denigrate or disrespect “SKULLY”, because you have just been accepted into the BEST LE MC in the WORLD!



National Members

Ron “Z-Man” Zirbes


Richard “max” maxwell


curtis shelton


Tish “First Lady” Gomez-zirbes


Deanna maxwell


Jill “Mama bear” Taylor-shelton


Philip “Cash” Cash


larry “threesum” walker


brian “boss man” langham


Heather “honey” Cash


sharon “cha-ching” walker


lisa “double d” langham


michael “chicken little” marr


harmik “babysitter” torosian

road captain

ronnie “joker” richard


Anitia “hot damn” marr


malissa “sparkee” attebery


kelli “kk” richard


George “u-turn” donner

vice president

clint “joe dirt” schumann


aaron “fritz” pitney

sgt at arms

Ames “ames” donner


wailyn schumann


kimberly “berly” pitney


denzel “doc” jines


allyson wright


katie zirbes


Darla “legs” jines


Vicki morris



brian “chief” benardin


mason wright


larry nelson


Vanessa benardin


linda wright


debra nelson


jimmy “big daddy stove pipe” lee


shawn “honey” lee